Seaside Square

Co-authored with artist Dominic Evergreen.
A late Georgian garden square: the Channel, and the
wildness of English weather and light. Prose journals -
intermingled with original watercolours, oil paintings,
drawings in charcoal and pencil, and sketches in pen and ink
- all composed from one dramatic viewpoint.

‘With a passion of absurd and enduring intensity, my greatest
wish for the square is that each of the doors might be painted a
different pastel shade – blue, yellow, green, pink, grey, lilac,
coffee, orange and so on.’

‘In some respects, the garden bears a resemblance to a
bagatelle board.’

‘Hot sunshine assaults the east side houses. A newly painted
house glows.’

‘Midnight. The rain is shot about the square by a violent
wind, lashing the windows, walls, cars, and the few
people out in it. The sea resounds, tumultuous.’